Photodiary     2010

August : John Morris' photo on the left shows this year's ducklings approaching the dam in loose formation, either because they have learned to recognise a photo opportunity when John appears on the horizon or possibly because they are looking for a bread hand-out.

Any views on whether we should be feeding the ducks? It's a time-honoured tradition and most of us will remember having fed ducks when we were children, but there are dissenting voices.

A fine wire fence now strides alongside the new, highly recommended path down the side of the lower field. It replaces an earlier rusting barbed wire version.


Close to the kissing-gate at the end of the field a new stile has been installed...

At the moment it doesn't go anywhere, but it will eventually be linked to the woodland path on the other side so that visitors to the Reserve can avoid the swamp that develops with each rainy season.