Photodiary     2010
2nd March. John Morris comments: 'I guess the 'flood' pic comes from the leaking non-return flap on the Avon exacerbated with the high tide (nb this week's Severn bore)'.
8th March. Still not much else to indicate the approach of Spring, other than a solitary dandelion in bloom.

Despite the blue skies there was still ice in the lake, and frost lingered in the shade along the edge of the field.

A new padlock secures the upper gate, and access to the lake and dipping platform is provided further down the main track, through an entrance that will one day be defined by the new hedge through which it passes.

A few other signs of life, not all desirable, such as the damage to the notice board shown below - a scattering of dents which must have required a fair amount of effort.

5th March. Catkins - apart from the willows other deciduous trees are still showing no signs of life.

Photo: J.Morris
Photo: P.Mays
Photo: P.Mays