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Photodiary     2011
Other volunteers prepared some of the younger hedge plants for mulching by clearing away the summer's growth of weeds.
We were fortunate  to have more cameras than usual on site. This coffee break photo, and all except one of the photos above, were taken by Jane Rooth.
In the sloping field a lone figure attacked brambles and docks with a Spanish azada, a kind of mattock ideally suited to this activity.
December 3rd: The working party met in sunshine. The original intention had been to plant whips, but unfortunately these had not arrived.

However, there is always plenty to do on the reserve. A large pile of tree bark had been delivered and a number of wheelbarrows in various states of health had been volunteered for service, so Ian was able to rapidly organise a bark distribution party. 
Work continued after coffeee. On the right members of the de-sludging party are seen gazing at our latest freestanding dead wood feature. This vertical wildlife haven was created earlier in the week by a qualified volunteer. As a result the lake has gained more light and less leaf.
Further down, the lake detail engaged in the removal of sludge, leaves and other forms of detritus.
This photo of the 'barrow girls' was taken by Eileen Stonebridge. They were about to deliver another load to build up the muddy entrance to the path through the woods.
Note: All the small photos will enlarge if clicked.
Our ever-welcome coffee and biscuits were wheeled on site by Brian and dispensed by Eileen Stonebridge.
Notice by Carole Morris at the entrances to the reserve.