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Photodiary     2012





A note from Carole Morris, who took these 3 photos in mid-August:

Just been to the reserve mid storms. I have taken a couple of photos that you may want to use.
1. Sluice taken this morning, Thursday 16th.
A new art work has appeared on the sluice. Still not a lot of work. I expect the lake has been filling quicker than it empties.
2. Just a view to show how full the lake is.
3. The 'wallows' are now big enough for duck weed to be growing on the one in the middle.


28th August: Wild life observed today - 4 ducklings, 2 moorchicks, a brown butterfly awaiting identification, some bees milling around the entrance to Neil's hive, and a snail on the Morris's notice-board.

The old oak now has paths on both sides.

The bridge over the Glenavon outflow now leads to a convenient gap in the fence near the dam. In due course, as funds become available, this gap will be replaced by a bespoke gate.

In the middle and lower fields the new paths have become overgrown as brambles and their allies recover territory wrested from them during the previous working party season. In the lower field the main path is a soggy mess in several places. Everywhere there are puddles and the grass is sodden .

A white substance has been sunk into the surface of the sluice. It seems to have succeeded in reducing the flow through the leak.

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Speckled Wood (Pararge aegeria) male