These  include:-

1.    Work to restore the ancient hay meadows and increase the number of wild flowers.

2.    Management of the 100 year old lake and its surroundings.

3.    Care of the woodland and planting new trees and shrubs.


These are held on Saturday mornings from 10 to 12am several times a year as required. Essential work on the Reserve is done by these working parties, which are good fun and very sociable events. The chairman usually provides coffee half way through the morning.

These include school visits and guided walks in the Reserve. Click the button to go to a separate page for a fuller account:

Everyone is welcome to come and help. There is always a choice of tasks, from light weeding or bramble clearing to heavier work for the younger and stronger.

Working parties

Educational activities

We usually hold a wine and canapés evening every summer, and there have also been tea-parties, open gardens and barbecues.

Four newsletters  a year are delivered to all members.

Fund-raising events


On-going projects

Cutting grass on anthills

Clearing undergrowth round ancient oak

Coffee break
Laying gravel
Clearing scrub round young shrubs
Hedge laying (January 2008)
See also separate page on Conservation: